Privacy and data protection

Data protection and customer privacy

·       Jahipaun OÜ (Seller) is responsible for the Customer's personal data provided at the time of purchase, and it is used only for the purpose of completing the order and maintaining the customer relationship.

·       The Customer gives the Seller explicit and informed consent to process their personal data.

·       Personal data that becomes known to the Seller shall be entered in the Customer Register, and it will be used for the provision of sales services and the offering of goods to the Customer.

·       The Seller shall retain the contact details entered by the Customer and information about the purchases made by the Customer. This information shall be treated as confidential and processed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. Personal data that is needed for the delivery of the goods to the Customer will be forwarded to the courier company.

·       The Seller may use the Customer's personal data to send the Customer information about special offers and campaigns by e-mail only if the Customer has given their consent.

·       Data communication between the Customer, the banks and the card payment centre is encrypted, which ensures the security of the Customer's personal data and bank details.

·       The payment is made outside the online store environment in a secure payment environment of the respective bank or service provider. The online store does not have access to Customer's bank details and credit card details.

·       The Customer has the right to inform of his/her wish not to receive any further offers sent by Jahipaun OÜ, and to demand that their data processing be terminated or that the data collected so far be deleted from the Jahipaun database.

·       Jahipaun OÜ shall not disclose the Customer's personal data to third parties, unless the disclosure of data is required on a legal basis.

·       Personal data is processed by Jahipaun OÜ, Mäealuse 12, 12618 Tallinn, 10028347.